Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanti celebration, Speaker/Guest : Sri S Siddaraju, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bangalore. Venue: Auditorium, Date: 15-4-2021



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Awareness Program on New and Emerging issues in Human rights

12 Feb,2021

The awareness program was organised on 12th Feb 2021 by Health Rights Protection Cell on the eve of Freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu birthday celebration. The Speaker was Prof. D Venkatesan, Guest Faculty, Presided by Dr.Harshini C.S Principal, S.S.K Degree College.
The speaker defined Rights- Moral or legal Entitlement to Do or to have somethings; Human Rights-Essential for protection and maintenance of Dignity of Individuals and create conditions in which every human being van develop this personality. He briefed about Human rights and provided knowledge about current social system of India and causes for discrimination.
Briefed about how to enhance ASK(Attitude, Skills, Knowledge), said about Individual’s personality development and explained about 3C’s- Caste, Criminals, Corruption. Explained about challenges faced by individuals-Lack of awareness, Poverty, Poor Dignity, Corruption, Health issues and Unequal Distribution of Justice.
He briefed the causes- Violence in Custody, Polluted Environment, Inadequate wages, Women Safety related to work place, compensation to affected women victim, Child labour, explained about preamble of our constitution.
Slogan “ALL HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL” by out Hon. President Sri. RamnathKovind was emphasised that Human Rights commission can instruct the Government to execute their order directly.
Semester wise students were attended in program to know about Human Rights. He briefed about importance of Education and Employment as a part of human right and motivated students as a raising starts of economy. He concluded with a good code “Being Human than just been Human Being”.