A Special Lecture on "Quality Teaching To Enliven The Class" by Dr.V.Prabhu Dev Senior Academician, Professor and Director, MCM, Bengaluru Venue: SSK PU & Degree College Auditorium Date : 20/2/2021 Time: 11.00 a.m

1. Anti- Ragging Cell “SURAKSHA”

SURAKSHA has been constituted in order to prohibit, prevent, and eliminate the courage of ragging and to create an environment conductive to learning in the campus. Our SSK Degree college strictly prohibit ragging in the campus. Various awareness programmes are organized in association with the jurisdiction Police Personnel’s and higher officer every semester.

2. Discipline Committee

Our discipline committee is constituted with mentors, and office bearers to maintain discipline in the campus. The committee ensure that students abide by college rules, regulations and remain orderly peaceful in the pursuant of college goals.

3. Women’s Club & Equal Opportunity Cell “MANINI”

The equal opportunity cell has been constituted to oversee the effective implementation of policies and programs for disadvantage groups. The effective implementation also eliminates any chance of discrimination against individuals or groups. The Women’s Club conducts various activities to encourage women empowerment. Seminars are organized to educate and motivate the female students in various aspects.